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No matter where you are in your life personally or spiritually, The World Changers Network has a course for you.

6-Week Start-Up: Help I Have A New Business!

You have an idea for your business, but how do you make it happen? In this six-week start-up class we will go through every step of getting your business up and running successfully and quickly!

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6-Week Life Coach Certification

Life coaches provide expert guidance to help their clients establish and meet important goals. This course will train you to work as a life coach and teach you how to launch your own coaching practice. Begins January 11th (Payment Plan Options WIth AfterPay)

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The World Changers Network is where we blend mentorship, coaching, master classes, and courses to empower you for personal and professional success. The WCN is where you find find your community who believes in your ability to make a positive impact, providing tailored programs for career elevation, leadership enhancement, and self-discovery.  


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Bible Book Club

Perfect for beginners! Learn every aspect of the bible like never before, and how to apply biblical principles to your every day life. 

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WCN Mentorship

WCN Mentorship Program is designed to empower you to develop in your walk with God, develop discipline, have accountable, and be apart of a community that you can share your journey with.

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Master Classes

Master Classes will cover everything from Finances, Business, Health & Wholeness, Home Ownership Process, Personal Development, Mental Health, Life Coaching Certifications, Spiritual Development Classes and more!

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What Can You Expect From A World Changers Course?

You can expect an immersive learning experience, expert guidance, self-paced courses, and practical skills that empower you to make a meaningful impact in their lives and the world.



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Welcome to the ultimate membership experience at World Changers Network, where we offer you EVERYTHING you need for personal and professional growth! Why choose when you can experience it ALL! Dive into a wealth of knowledge with our curated courses, receive personalized guidance through mentorship and coaching sessions, and engage with a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. Elevate your skills with exclusive master classes led by industry experts and access a treasure trove of digital resources.

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"Thank you so much! I learned things that I never knew or was taught. Thank you for teaching me how to break down the Bible!"

- Latonya Loudermilk
Walk Thru The Bible Course

"If you desire to go deeper in the Word of God, then "Walk Thru The Bible" is the course for you!. Jerri breaks the Bible down while making it fun for you to learn"

- Yolanda Jones-Bell
Walk Thru The Bible Course


"If you are on the fence about which one of the courses to take "Walk Thru The Bible Part 2" is it! I took part one and I thought I knew how to study the Bible and I really didn't. Jerri took us step by step as to how to break it all down so we can rightly divide the word. Its worth the investment!"

Doreen Head
Walk Thru The Bible Course


Dr. Jerri Robinson

 I am absolutely excited to welcome you to the World Changers Network! Buckle up, because you're about to embark on a journey that's part inspiration, part coaching, and 100% about unleashing the the purpose thats in you!

First things first ‚Äď major high-fives for choosing to be here. You're not just joining a course; you're joining a squad of incredible individuals ready to conquer the world. I'm your guide, coach, and personal cheerleader as you dive into the adventure ahead.

Now, let's chat about activation, Ever wondered what it feels like to be in sync with your destiny? It's like surfing a wave of possibilities, and we're about to ride that wave together. 

These courses are not your average sit-and-listen affairs. Oh no! We're talking about interactive, exciting, and downright fun experiences that'll have you giving yourself a virtual fist bump (and maybe throwing in a little victory dance) as you level up your awesomeness.

Can't wait to see you own the course and let the superhero within shine!